Mold insert with close-contour panel cooling

As opposed to cooling channels, close-contour panel cooling makes it possible to cool whole cavity areas equally. Therefore the cooling system of one or more channel networks gets placed only a few millimeters below the mold surface. This enables a very efficient cooling.

Material: tool steel 1.2709

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Forging die for a crank shaft segment

By the production of tool and die inserts via beam melting and the integration of these into conventionally manufactured tool and die bases, added values and additional functionalities can be integrated into forming dies. Beam melted forging die inserts enable the integration of functionalities in a unique way such as a close-contour and conformal tempering respectively cooling for the reduction of cycle times and improvement of the attainable quality of the formed part. The comparatively low surface and accuracy requirements in die forging allow to eliminate the finish-milling process of the die contour which results in a significant time savings in the tool making process chain – not only due to the eliminated finishing operation itself, but also by the elimination of all preparation steps.

Material: tool steel 1.2709