Since 1988 NANOVAL develops and manufactures metal powders and turnkey plants for its production by using a patented gas atomization method. The powder is very fine (d50 as low as 4 µm), round, are inherent in tight particle size distribution and are forthcoming in small sample amounts as well as up to tonnages. Fields of application for the Nanoval powders are in the dental field, in additive manufacturing, in soft-, hard and active-soldering, in thermal spraying, in metal injection molding as well as for diamond tools and for shape memory components. The powders are being produced both from NE-metals such as Al and Cu and also on the basis of steel, iron, nickel and cobalt. Additionally, precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum are also becoming increasingly important. The powders are classified on own sieving and separating equipment with straight cuts between 5 and 200 µm.