The main research of the Chair of Virtual Product Development at TU Dresden is oriented towards digital methodologies and enhanced development procedures for engineering design processes. Useful digitalization and technological capabilities need to be examined and understood before transferring analogous and physical models to their virtual counterpart in a purposeful manner. Along the design process, the Chair is dedicated to the challenge of leveraging the potentials of development organization and decision-making. By gathering and extending approaches of design methodology, additive manufacturing and applied computer science, the chair creates the foundations for future technological tools for computer-aided development. A holistic perspective of the respective development fields in the product development process constitute the following thematic fields and the main research focus of the Chair:

  • Integral exploration of process modeling tools in data and information management and further development of agile management paradigms for product development processes of cyber-physical systems in the field of Product Lifecycle Management
  • Further development of digital engineering techniques for the interdisciplinary fusion of automatable design methodologies for geometrical data in the field of Reverse Engineering
  • User-centered product development for the integration of human decisions into data and information flows in the field of Human Behavior in Design