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RENA Technologies Austria is an E2E process provider and technical partner for innovative functional metal surfaces. The surface of a component is typically of critical importance for its industrial application. Our deep understanding of the actual surface reactions provides the basis for the relevant electrochemical surface processes to get the optimum result. Fast and reliable application of new processes to customer production facilities is ensured by our knowledge-based development instead of trial and error. Our products are, on the one hand, multifunctional coating systems based on pulse plating for the comprehensive protection of technical components and, on the other hand, processes and modules for the surface treatment of 3D-printed metallic components. The industrially tested and fully automated technology of Hirtisation® offers a powerful tool for the post-treatment of 3D-printed metal components: Sintered particles and support structures are reliably removed and surfaces are leveled and cleaned. Hirtisation®, the world's first fully automatic and autonomous post-processing, uses a combination of chemical and dynamic electrochemical as well as hydrodynamic processes without machining. The process, based on liquid media, reaches deep into cavities and undercuts.

Our offer is supplemented by the possibilities for process control, layer characterization and failure analysis as Austria's largest electroplating laboratory as well as extensive industrial engineering services for the industrial implementation of new electroplating process solutions.