Lightweight bicycle crankset “Neo-Crankset”

Lightweight structures in terms of hollow and lattice-like structures and the production of topology optimized designs can be realized via beam melting technology. This example shows a lightweight crankset for bicycles. A key innovative feature is the sandwich design and a lattice-like structure in between the two walls, which makes an overall lightweight and stiff design possible.. Additionally, cavities and cross beams could have been realized in small angled sections. As a result the crankset weights less than 240 g. Due to this enormous reduction of weight compared to other lightweight cranksets with a minimum weight of approx. 300 g and due to the innovative design and manufacturing technology, this crankset was awarded with the Eurobike Award 2010 in the student category.

Design: Dipl.-Des. Robert Taranczewski

Material: AlSi12